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Pipa Bikini Bottom


Pipa Bikini is one of our darlings around here. It’s democratic large band bottoms favors every biotype, very well behaved, it covers well the front and back. Fabric: 90% polyamide 10% elastane. *Hand washing is recommended.

Copacabana Bikini Bottom


The Iconic Brazilian Hang gliding beach bottom is the perfect beach bottom that you are looking for with the option to wear it higher on the sides. Very comfortable and modern, comes in five exclusive prints. Choose your favorite now!

Amazonas Bikini Bottom


Our Amazonas beach bottoms are the famous MUST-HAVE, also known as Brazilian curtain panties, it’s the favorite among our customers. Side loop beach bottom with ripple but (butt lift), perfect modeling. Adjustable it enhances the buttocks, does not mark the breeches and provides a beautiful sun mark. It came out  in five wonderful prints,  just pick your favorite and go...